Mission Statement

We aim to better the lives of young people in less affluent areas using basketball as a tool to do so. We are part of the FIBA #Basketball4Good Movement.

What is rising stars all about?

Our program provides weekly after school basketball coaching to young people aged 10-18. As the young people enter high school, they are given further opportunities to join their respective “high school of basketball” team. At this point in their education, we also begin to offer young people opportunities such as:

  • Free Academic Tuition
  • Mentorship
  • Competitive Basketball Tournaments
  • Trips and Tours of Glasgow University
  • Tickets to Amateur and Professional Basketball Games 
  • Development Opportunities to Gain Basketball Coaching Qualifications and Academic Tuition Experience
  • Future Facilitation to Play Basketball at the Club Level

Our Philosophy

All members of the Rising Stars Charity are volunteers and as such, we ask for no monetary returns for our services. Our funding and resources have predominantly come from the good will of partner organisations and grant funding. What we ask and intend to ask of the young people who develop into young adults as part of our program is to buy into our “Pay-It-Forward” principle. This is founded on the basis that the giver of a good deed asks for nothing in return but for the receiver of the deed “pays-it-forward” to the next generation. Through this, we hope to inspire a new generation of pro-social contributors who want to give back to their communities , creating a loop which would allow us to increase our volunteer network and expand to our impact.

Child Safety Priority

All volunteers are background checked and trained up with fundamental coaching qualifications as child safeguarding is at the forefront of everything we do. Volunteers need to have received a Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme certificate before working with young people.